Ingham County Youth Commission

The Ingham County Youth Commission is a diverse group of youth, ranging in ages from 12-18.  Our primary function is to advise the Ingham County Board of Commissioners and others within the county government, on issues relating to young people throughout the county.

ICYC Goals:

* To be a community leader in the identification of issues affecting youth;

* To serve as an advocate for youth needs in the community by directly engaging the community in the process;

* To develop leadership skills and educate youth about local government;

* To develop new resources or improve existing community programs for youth;

* To recognize and promote the value of young people in our community.


* Community Service Committee: Spring & Winter projects

* Government & Education Committee: Voter Registration & Youth Voices Project

* Public Relations & Marketing Committee

* Work Groups: Juvenile Justice, Youth Healthcare, Post-High School Education

Contact Person:

Daniel Moffatt
4-H Program Coordinator