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Information for Sellers

Still Life Auction Rules

4-H Market Plans

9-11 Years

12 yrs & older


Ingham County Fair
4-H Still Life Sale

NEW FOR 2017
The 2017 ICF 4-H Still Life Sale includes a live auction format open to one project entry per still life exhibitor who achieves a blue ribbon and completes a market plan for that specific project.



Design and complete a project/s this current year that will be appropriate and appealing to sell

Enter the project/s in the Fair in May in its appropriate department (as usual)

Enter 4-H Personal Development in the Fair in May, Department 72, Division E – Entrepreneurship
(Production, Marketing and Advertising).  Make one entry only.

Develop and complete a 4-H Market Plan for each project that you may want to sell
(Forms will be available in the 4-H Office and on line)

        Exhibit at the IC Fair in two places:
Project/s judging (must earn a blue ribbon when judged)

Entrepreneurship judging (a complete 4-H Market Plan for each project that you may want to sell)


Judging is “open order” – you may go to either project judging or Entrepreneurship first depending on your
schedule and the number of exhibitors ahead of you and then go to the other judging area

Select the project you wish to sell

Check in to the Still Life Sale area with the project and 4-H Market Plan to confirm that you will be
selling the project and have met the requirements

Complete a description of the project for the announcer at the auction

Place the project to be sold in the “display area” in the 4-H Building (not in your club area)


 What to do now?!
Keep track of expenses to create your project

Keep track of your time as you work on your project

 Develop a letter to your potential buyers requesting their support

Develop a letter thanking your buyer


Contact Janel Horrocks-Boehmer  517-449-7345 with any questions