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Apple Scab disease Management















Summer Apple Pruning

Summer Apple Tips

Summer Raspberry Harvest

Summer Thinning Apples







Tree Fruit   Pathology

Fungicides and Spray Guide

SDHI Fugicide Premixes 

Vertical Axe Pruning System on Apples

Fire Blight-shoot blight development

Fire Blight-pruning shoot blight strikes


Early Season Buildup of the Fire Blight Pathogen Erwinia amylovora


Fire Blight and Cankers

Biological Control of Fire Blight

Outbreak of Canker Disease and Assoicated Shoot Dieback on New McIntosh Apple Cultivars

Blossom Blast and Bacterial Canker on Sweet Cherry

Chemical Control Options for Bacterial Canker of Sweet Cherry














Beal Botanical 

4H Children's 

4H Children's Garden Programs 
















Balsam Twig Aphid 

Christmas Tree Species: Canaan Fir   

Christmas Tree Species: Colorado Blue Spruce   

Christmas Tree Species: Concolor Fir   

Christmas Tree Species: Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Midge







Christmas Tree Species: Eastern White Pine    

Christmas Tree Species: Fraser Fir   

Christmas Tree Species: Korean Fir   

Christmas Tree Species: Nordmann Fir  

Christmas Tree Species: Scotch Pine   

Christmas tree trends by Michigan State's Bert Cregg   







Cooley Spruce Gall  

Diplodia Tip Blight

 Japanese Beetles

Lures for Emerald Ash Borer

Needlecast Diseases 








Phytophthora Root Rot 

Rain Gardens

Seasonal Needle Drop

Spruce Spider Mites 

Treeage EAB Mgnt.

Urban Wood Project 







Mulches for Weed Control


Soil Testing












Wildfire Education 












Before You Burn

Burn Permits

Burning Debris

Burning Leaves 

Composting Leaves 

Composting Leaves 2 







Creating Defensible Space 

Defensible Space 

Facts about Wildfires 

Fire Truck Access 


Hughes Lake Fire 







One Hour Fuels

Portable Fire Pit 


Wildfires in Michigan 

Wind Driven Fires 
















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