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Growing Fruit Class Resources


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Gardening In Michigan Fruit Page

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FRUIT Fact Sheets and Bulletins
Anthracnose of Grape (OSU)
Anthracnose of Raspberry and Blackberry (OSU)
Anthracnose of Strawberry (OSU)
Appealing Apple(Cornell)
Apple Powdery Mildew (OSU)
Apple Scab (pestid/fact sheet)
Apples A Guide to Selection and Use (OSU)
Avoidance/Management-Nematode Problem in Tree Fruit Production in Michigan (E2419)
Berries (Cornell)
Blueberry Diseases in Michigan (E1731)
Brambles-Production Management and Marketing (OSU)
Cherry Orchard Floor Management: Improve Profit Stewardship (E2890)
Codling Moth on Fruit Trees (OSU)
Common Diseases of the Grapevine in Michigan (E1732)
Conserving Native Bees on Farmland (E2985)
Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home Fruit Plantings (OSU)
Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home (Cornell)
Cost of Producing Fresh Market Apples in Western MI (E1107)
Cost of Producing Plums in Northwestern Michigan (E2470)
Cost of Producing Tart Cherries in NW Michigan (E1108)
Currants and Gooseberries(Purdue)
Fertilizing Blueberries (Purdue)
Fruit Crop Ecology and Management (E2759)
Fruit Crop Pest Management: Commercial Applicators Guide 1C replaces E2037 (E2891)
Fruits and Nuts for Edible Landscaping (Purdue)
Grapes (Cornell)
Green Apple Aphids (OSU)
Greenhouse Raspberry Production Guide (Cornell)
Growing Pawpaws (Purdue)
Growing Strawberries (Purdue)
Growing Table Grapes in a Temperate Climate (E2774)
Growing Watermelon in the Home Garden (OSU)
Highbush Blueberry Varieties (MSU)
Late Leaf Rust of Red Raspberries (OSU)
Leather Rot of Strawberry (OSU)
Lighting Systems for Fruit and Vegetables Sorting (E2559)
Managing the Nutrition of Highbush Blueberries (E2011)
Michigan Blueberry Facts-Fruit Rot Identification Guide (E2847)
Michigan Blueberry Facts-Japanese Beetle (E2845)
Michigan Blueberry Facts-Mummy Berry (E2846)
Michigan Blueberry Facts-Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Blueberries (E3048)
Minimize Apple Bruising in the Packing Line (E2290)
Mummy Berry of Blueberry (OSU)
Necrotic Leaf Blotch of Golden Delicious Apples (OSU)
Orange Rust of Brambles (OSU)
Organic Apples (Cornell)
Organic Blueberries (Cornell)
Organic Grapes (Cornell)
Organic Strawberries (Cornell)
Peach leaf curl (factsheet)
Persimmons (Purdue)
Pest Control in Small Vineyards (Grape) (E2698)
Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot of Grape (OSU)
Phomopsis Leaf Blight and Fruit Rot of Strawberry (OSU)
Phytophthora Root Rot of Raspberry (OSU)
Plant Tissue Sampling to Determine Fruit Fertilizer Needs (E2482)
Plums A Guide to Selection and Use (OSU)
Pollination of Fruits and Nuts (Purdue)
Powdery Mildew of Grape (OSU)
Propagating Highbush Blueberries (E1680)
Pruning Mature Apples and Pears (OSU)
Raspberry and Blackberry High Tunnel Production Guide (Cornell)
Raspberry Diseases in Michigan (E1730)
Raspberries for the Backyard Fruit Planting (OSU)
Red Stele Root Rot of Strawberry (OSU)
Rosy Apple Aphid (OSU)
Rust of Apple (OSU)
Scab of Apple and Crabapple (OSU)
Scab of Peach, Nectarine, Plum and Apricot (OSU)
Soil Quality in Vegetables and Small Fruit Production (OSU)
Spur Blight of Red Raspberries (OSU)
Storage Guidelines for Fruits Vegetables (Cornell)
Strawberry Diseases in Michigan (E1728)
Strawberry Leaf Spot Diseases (OSU)
Table Grape Varieties for Michigan ( E2642)
Training and Pruning Apple Trees (Cornell)
2008 Michigan Fruit Management Guide (E0154)
Unusual Fruit Plants for Gardens in the North Central Region (E2747)
Verticillium Wilt of Raspberry (OSU)
Verticillium Wilt of Strawberry (OSU)
Vineyard Establishment I-Pre-plant Decisions (E2644)
Vineyard Establishment II-Planting and Early Care of Vineyards (E2645)
White Pine Blister Rust on Currants and Gooseberries (OSU)
White Rot and Botryosphaeria Canker of Apple (OSU)
Wine Grape Varieties for Michigan (E2643)
Winter Injury to Grapevines and Methods of Protection (E2930)
X-DISEASE (Mycoplasma disease of peaches and nectarines (OSU)