SPIN Clubs

SPIN Clubs are Special Interest groups that come together for 6-8 weeks around a specific topic.  They offer youth a chance to explore a topic that their parent club may not offer, or perhaps a chance for someone new to 4-H to experience what we're all about without making a long term commitment.  

We are interested in offering SPIN clubs on topics youth are most interested in.  If there's a topic you'd like to see offered, or don't have in your club but you know youth are interested in it, please email Laura at LLFL@anr.msu.edu and let her know so she can work on filling the need.  

Fees for SPIN Clubs vary.  All will include the $10 Participation Fee.  This is paid once annually, with our program year running Sept-August.  If a youth is already enrolled in 4-H, they will not pay the participation fee for a SPIN club, only the supply fee.  If a youth has already participated in 1 SPIN club, they are considered enrolled in 4-H and the same rule applies.