How to Become a 4-H Volunteer
Ingham County MSU Extension Volunteer Selection Process

Protecting the Well Being of Children

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 4-H volunteer!

We are pleased to provide you with an application to be a volunteer with Michigan State University Extension. Michigan 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the state, with more than 200,000 youth participating in countless ways.  The volunteers who serve on our boards, councils and committees and support young people ages 5-19 years of age are carefully screened to ensure the safety of all of our participants. MSU Extension has adopted high standards for the screening and selection of its volunteers that represent MSU Extension 4-H. 4-H Volunteers are valued members of MSU Extension programs across the state and they contribute their skills, talents, time and experiences to strengthen and support its mission.

The Volunteer Selection Process includes an application, national and state background checks, references, interview, and online modules. There is no charge to you as a volunteer for these background checks or the process.

Please take a moment to complete the attached application and email it back .  We recommend that you let your references know that we will be contacting them regarding your application as a volunteer with our program.

Next complete your national background check by visiting   This secure link will allow you to complete your background check at no charge to you. 

 When you have completed these two steps you will have started your journey to becoming a Michigan 4-H volunteer. The Ingham County 4-H Program Coordinators, Glenna Weiss or Eric Dobbrastine, will contact you to set up an interview to discuss your potential involvement as a 4-H volunteer.

If you would like to get a head start, you may begin viewing the volunteer e-modules, they can be found at The password is VOLUNTEER. There are 4 modules and they take approximately 20 minutes each to view. They must be completed prior to your approval as a volunteer. Please remember to print out the certificates or take a screen shot as you complete the modules as your proof of taking the modules; and be sure to hit submit as you complete each module.

Thank you for your interest in being a Michigan State University 4-H Youth Development Program volunteer.


Glenda Weiss
Ingham County 4-H Program Coordinator
Preparing Michigan’s Children and Youth Institute
MSU Extension
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PO Box 319
Mason, MI  48854-1655
Phone:  517-676-7303
Fax:  517-676-7288