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4-H Council


The purpose of Ingham County 4-H Council is to promote, implement and guide the 4-H Youth Program in Ingham County by working with 4-H members and the county MSU Extension staff.  In addition, the Council assists in establishing policy and procedures for the 4-H Youth Programs in the county. In other words, Council takes input from 4-H members and leaders, throughout the county and provides advice and assistance to the MSU Extension 4-H staff. In addition, Council, through its committees, conducts training sessions, raises money to help members attend 4-H functions and more.

4-H Council consists of 4-H members, both adults and youth, from throughout the county.  The county has been divided into five areas; the Council will be composed of at least two and up to four adults and teens from each of the five 4-H districts.  In addition, the County 4-H Ambassadors are members of Council. Council members are nominated annually in July and August with terms beginning September 1.  The term of membership for adults is up to eight consecutive years and then he (she) must be off the Council at least two years before he or she can be reappointed or re-elected. The term of membership for youth is two years with an option to limit their membership to one year.


 4-H Council Officers

President:  Harmony Gmazel
Jr. President:  Megan Bliesener

Vice President: Rachel Schrock
Jr. Vice President:  Abby Brubaker

 Secretary:  Stacey Bliesener
Jr. Secretary: Chloe Ketchum-Every

     Treasurer:  Debbie Miller
Assistant Treasurer:  Brian Casper
Jr. Treasurer:  Cierra Chapo

Parliamentarian: Suzie Cantwell
Jr. Parliamentarian:  Abigail Rider

4-H Fairboard Liaison: Julie Casper