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MSU Extension food preservation videos are now available online

Fall is harvest time and that means that it’s also canning time. Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team, part of the Health and Nutrition Institute, is here to help our clientele learn how to safely preserve homegrown fruits and vegetables through a series of online educational videos that are available free.

 In the videos, MSU Extension educators Eileen Haraminac, Joyce McGarry, Jeannie Nichols, Lisa Treiber and Christine Venema demonstrate the steps to safely can and preserve food. The goal of food preservation is to increase the shelf life of food while keeping it safe. Gardens and farm markets are overflowing with beautiful and nutritious produce. The MSU Extension Food Safety Team wants to help Michigan residents preserve food safely to enjoy its bounty throughout the year. 

Topics covered include: 

·         Intro to Food Preservation

·         Water Bath Canning Basics

·         Pressure Canning Basics

·         Freezing Vegetables

·         Freezing Fruit

·         Making Jams and Jellies

 View the videos at

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